We can make just about any drink you can think of, but these are the basics that each volunteer barista is trained to make with the highest quality.
Drip Coffee

Your traditional coffee. Our beans are roasted locally and are freshly ground on site. We make our coffee fresh and hot each and every day. We proudly serve Coffee Shack Coffee Roasters of Heath, Ohio and other local specials periodically.


Roaster's Blend - Coffee Shack's own and our regular

Highlander Grogg - Butterscotch, Caramel, Rum


Italian for "American coffee". Believed to be drink made for American soldiers in WWII who weren't accustomed to strong flavors of Espresso.


Hot water poured over fresh-pulled espresso

Tastes like strong coffee

Cafe Latte

Usually with added flavors like Vanilla or Caramel. Literally means "Milk Coffee" in Italian. A derivative of the Austrian "Kapuziner" which is a shot of cream (liquid or whipped) added to a black coffee.


Steamed milk poured over fresh-pulled espresso

Can be served with endless combinations of flavors


Also a derivative of the Austrian "Kapuziner" this drink has more milk foam than the Cafe Latte above. 


1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 milk foam

Can also be served with added flavors


Named after Mocha, a port-city in Yemen. Tradition says the coffee grown in Yemen and shipped out of Mocha had a distinctly chocolatey flavor.


Steamed milk poured over Dutch chocolate and fresh-pulled espresso.

Can be served Dark, White, or Black & White.