We were started in January 2017 by a church in Thornville called Together Ministries. The plan from the start has been to reach out to the community of Baltimore, Ohio with the hopes of eventually planting a church with evening services in the village.

We started with a few paid employees that stayed on staff from the previous ownership and a couple of pastors that knew very little about running a coffee shop. Throughout our first year, we have transitioned to a completely volunteer staff and management that is devoted to making sure the drinks we serve are not only unique, but also the highest quality we can muster.


Together Ministries is a part of the Church of the Nazarene's South Central Ohio District. One of our churches is based in Thornville, Ohio on Ohio Route 13 (The Big Blue Church).

Liberty Tree Coffee & Tea is a part of the newest location in Baltimore. In Baltimore, services are held at NOW Church on Mulberry St.

Our goal  for the coffee shop has always been to start church services in Baltimore. That came to fruition on April 8, 2018 with our launch service. All services at this point are held at NOW Church on Mulberry Street. The coffee shop will continue to be the church's front line for community outreach. You can follow Liberty Tree Coffee & Tea or Together Ministries Baltimore Campus on Facebook for the latest updates on our newest location!